The Hardest Part of Having a Food Allergy isn’t about the Food!

Have you ever found yourself wondering how strange it is that the most difficult part of having a food allergy almost has nothing to do with food? Four years ago, when I was diagnosed as an adult with a milk-allergy, I was consumed in how hard it would be to not eat dairy. I quickly learned that the most difficult part would be dealing with people that just don’t get it and don’t want to. How could I not have realized that our entire social world revolved around food? Before my allergy I never gave a second thought to what ingredients were in my food and now I don’t eat anything without knowing what it’s made of. read my whole story

So you’ve found yourself at my blog and chances are you’re here because of the same struggles I’ve had. I know how you feel and what you’re looking for (for example check out the dairy substitutes that I’ve compiled). I created this blog to help you out; I plan to provide recipes so you can eat the same food that everyone else eats, just milk-free. I’m also always researching new products and new information to keep you informed. While food is important, the emotional impact of having a food allergy is the biggest hurdle; I’ll provide tips and advice to deal with all types of situations and help you live a happy and healthy milk-free life.

Whether you grew up with a food allergy or were diagnosed later in life, it has had a significant impact on your life. When I was first diagnosed I was sad and angry; however, it turned out what I thought was a terrible, horrible situation changed my life for the better. I’ve seen the best and the worst come out in people. I have felt ultimate lows and extreme highs from dealing with family to complete strangers. My heart breaks every time I think of a child dealing with a food allergy in a world where most people just don’t get it, especially when they’re hungry!

The other part of my life that changed for the better was the physical and mental aspect. The symptoms that come with having a milk allergy or any food allergy are horrible! The month I removed all dairy from my body was the healthiest I’d felt in years with the clearest mindset. The food I was eating started to taste more amazing than it ever had. There was real seasoning and not just butter. My taste buds came alive and I eat and feel better than ever before.

I know what you’re going through. If you have a milk-allergy, have a child that cannot eat dairy, or just love someone that avoids cow’s milk in their everyday life, then you’ve been through difficult times and looked for help. That’s why I created this blog. When I first stopped eating cow’s milk I had no idea how I would survive milk-free and it took me years to handle my allergy successfully. I needed a guide to learn how to deal with the social events, what food to eat, and just tips from someone that knew what I was going through. I hope this blog gives you the help and support that I always wanted.

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